Bolton Technical F-Male to F-Male RG6 Low-Loss Cable | 20 ft.

Bolton Technical

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Bolton Technical F-Male to F-Male RG6 Low-Loss Cable | 20 ft.
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20 Feet RG6 Cable for signal boosters
  • RG6 equivalent
  • Low-Loss Cable
  • F-Male to F-Male connectors
to Ontario and Quebec
Bolton Technical F-Male to F-Male RG6 Low-Loss Cable | 20 ft.

About This Product

The Bolton Technical RG6 spec cable is a premium grade, high quality, 75 ohm cable designed for short cable runs and minimal signal loss.

This low-loss cable features a loss per 100 feet rating of only 10 dB. It features an F-Male connector on one end and an F-Male connector on the other end.

This length of cable is great for running between amplifiers and splitters at a discounted price compared to low PIM cable. It also converts well between N and SMA connectors.

Who is this for?

Customers looking to set up a 75 ohm system won’t go wrong with Bolton Technical RG6 cable, the highest quality low-loss cable on the market.

This is 20 feet of cable, professionally cut and sealed. customers with an amplifiers and splitter who want to save some money on Low PIM cable, or who need to convert to SMA, can use this. This length of cable is cut with the primary function of being used as a jumper. Usually, these work between weBoost antennas and lightning surge protectors or other accessories, such as a splitter.

  • Termination Type: F-Male, F-Male
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Highest Quality: Signal issues will be a thing of the past with the best quality RG6 specification cable on the market
  • Pro-grade: Coaxial cable designed for short runs
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm cable for maximum signal quality
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Tech Specs

Bolton Technical F-Male to F-Male RG6 Low-Loss Coax Cable | 20 ft. Cable
SKU BT512594
Length 20 Feet
Impedance 75 Ohms
UPC 850010512594
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