Bolton Technical Low-PIM 3-Way Splitter 698-2700Mhz 50 Ohm (Wilkinson Style)

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Bolton Technical Low-PIM 3-Way Splitter 698-2700Mhz 50 Ohm (Wilkinson Style)
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Bolton Technical Low-PIM 3-Way Splitter 698-2700Mhz 50 Ohm (Wilkinson Style)

About This Product

The Bolton Technical 3 way, Low-PIM splitter is an extremely low loss, high quality splitter designed for multiple indoor antenna runs. It splits the outgoing signal into three equal strength lines for continued cable runs, with a loss of up to -4.8 dB for each.

PIM stands for Passive Intermodulation and is measured in dBs (decibels). PIM is defined as the unwanted signal or signals generated by the non-linear mixing of 2 or more frequencies. High PIM means poor cellular reception and limited bandwidth to the end user, which in turn means lost customers to the carrier. Low-PIM means strong signals with more bandwidth for more users - in other words, better signal and lower loss within your splitter, providing increased performance.

A 3 way splitter is best used for high powered systems that want three separate antennas. The splitter breaks a single cable into three with up to -4.8 dB of loss on one end, allowing you to bypass building material and increase the effectiveness of your cellular system.

This allows one port for an indoor antenna to be multiplied into three with minimal loss. These are best used for powerful systems to send signal to three different areas of a large building. If you want three antennas on your system, this is an essential accessory.

  • Low Insertion Loss and VSWR
  • High Isolations
  • Widely used in IBS & DAS
  • To add 3 indoor antennas to a cellular system
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