Indoor Cellular Antennas

Indoor Cellular Antennas

Indoor Cellular Antennas FAQs

How do indoor antennas work?

An indoor cellular antenna works by rebroadcasting cellular reception via a mobile phone booster indoors.

What is the difference between panel antennas and dome antennas?

A panel antenna is more powerful than a dome antenna because panel antennas are concentrated in a single direction. Dome antennas are omnidirectional. The dome antenna is ceiling-mounted and broadcasts cellular signals in a 360-degree beam.

Which antenna is best to use as a desktop antenna?

A desktop antenna is great for single room or spot coverage. They can also work with small homes and RVs.

Can I use multiple antennas to maximize coverage?

You can include multiple antennas to expand your indoor coverage. But it is not recommended in all situations. Give us a call at 1-800-638-6336 for a free consultation.

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