Outdoor Cellular Antennas

Outdoor Cellular Antennas

Indoor Cellular Antennas FAQs

How do outdoor antennas work?

An outdoor antennas captures existing cellular signals from nearby cell towers. They come in omnidirectional and directional.

When is it best to use an omnidrectional outdoor cellular antenna?

An omnidirectional antenna captures cell signals from all available carriers from all direction. The 360-degree radiation pattern means they have less range than directional antennas. But they are much easier to install because you don't need to aim them at a cell tower. The omni is best when you need to boost multiple cellular carriers simultaneously with a single antenna.

When is it best to use a directional antenna?

A directional anntenna captures signals from a single direction. The radiation pattern ranges from 38 degrees to 135 degrees. The smaller the beam width the farther its range. A directional antenna works best pointed in the direction of your cellular tower.

Can I use multiple outdoor antennas to maximize coverage?

Yes. If you want to pull in signal from multiple carriers and the cell towers are in different locations, you can use multiple directional antennas. Give us a call at 1-800-638-6336 for a free consultation.

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