The Long Ranger – Ultra High Gain Parabolic Antenna – Bolton Technical - Left - Facing
The Long Ranger – Ultra High Gain Parabolic Antenna – Bolton Technical - Left - Facing
The Long Ranger – Ultra High Gain Parabolic Antenna – Bolton Technical - Left - Facing

The Long Ranger Ultra High Gain Parabolic Antenna, Bolton Technical

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Premium High Gain Antenna
  • Directional Outdoor Mount
  • All Cellular and WiFi bands
  • The Highest Continuous Gain Antenna on the Market
  • Mount Sold Separately
The Long Ranger Ultra High Gain Parabolic Antenna, Bolton Technical

At Home on the Range

Improve your cellular and WiFi signals by up to +28dB, more than any other high gain directional antenna on the market.

Not Your Grandpa's Antenna

Works with Signal Boosters, Modems, Routers, and Hotspots. Plug in to your cell phone signal booster, mobile hotspot, WiFi router, modem, or range extender and see the difference. Connectors sold separately.

This Thing is Big
and Not Afraid of Bad Weather!

Parabolic design allows for strong winds and heavy rain and snow to pass right through without affecting your signal.

Plays Well With Others


600-6500 MHz frequency bands

All Cellular: 5G / 4G / LTE / 3G GSM / CDMA and more.

All North American Carriers: Rogers / Bell / Telus and more.

WiFi / Wi-Max / GPS / GOV / MIL / SDR


Cell Phone Signal Boosters: weBoost / SureCall / Cel-Fi / HiBoost / WilsonPro and more.

Hotspots: Pepwave / MoFi / Netgear Nighthawk and more.

Any WiFi router or modem

Bolton Technical Long Ranger Details

Improve your WiFi and cellular signal boosters with the The Long Ranger - Ultra High Gain Parabolic Antenna!

The Bolton Technical Long Ranger is the highest continuous gain parabolic antenna on the market.

Compared to other wideband antennas with averages of +8 to +12 dB, the Bolton Technical Long Ranger provides an average of +28 dB. That's a minimum of 15X the power output!

With a radiation cone between 4 to 20 degrees, it allows for narrow, fine-tuned, and farther aim than most wideband antennas.

Ideal for rural communities in extremely weak signal areas who have trouble even reaching their nearest cell tower, and for enterprise, who want to get the most out of their commercial booster.

The Bolton Technical Long Ranger works with all cell phone signal boosters (weBoost, SureCall, Cel-Fi, etc.), WiFi boosters, and hotspot boosters (Pepwave, MoFi, Netgear Nighthawk, etc).

This is an after market accessory that will help boost your signal, but is not mandatory.

Capable of working on a multitude of bands: Cellular, LTE, 5G, GSM, ISM, CDMA, UMTS, 2G/3G/4G/ WiFi, Homeland Security, Wi-Max, GPS, Homeland Security, Military, Satellite, Aerospace exploration, Radio Telescope and more.

  • Ultra long range (over 30 Kms).
  • A high gain directional antenna that works on all frequencies between 600 MHz and 6500MHz
  • Weatherproof
  • All cellular (including 5G), WiFi, Wi-Max, GPS, GOV, MIL, and SDR bands
  • Up to +28 dB Gain

Who is this for?

People in rural areas desperately searching for signal.

Businesses needing the absolute best outdoor antenna.

Technical Specifications
Bolton Technical Long Ranger Antenna
Frequency & Gain
600 - 960 MHz - +15 dB 1700-2200 MHz - +28 dB 3000-6500MHz - +26 dB
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
Half-power Beam Width (°) Low Band: 23 Horiz, 35 Vert
Half-power Beam Width (°) Mid Band: 10 Horiz, 13 Vert
Half-power Beam Width (°) High Band: 7 Horiz, 9 Vert
Front-to-back Ratio (dB) 20 AVG
Impedance (Ω) 50
Max Input Power (W) 100
Connector N-Female
Dimensions (in/cm) 24x39x16 / 60x99x40
Antenna Weight (lb/kg) 5.3 / 2.4 with bracket
Rated Wind Velocity (mph/kph) 130 / 209
Wind Load @ Rated Velo (M/K) 150 / 68
Reflector Finish Electrostatic Powder Coat
Radome Material ASA Anti UV
Water Resistance IPX Weather Rated
Operating Temperature (°C/°F) -40 to +60 / -40 to +140
Kit Includes
Long Ranger Antenna

Recommended Add-ons

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  • Magnets enclosed in durable ABS plastic
  • Rubber pads under each magnet keep body surface safe
  • 1/4" thick rust-free polished aluminum mounting plate
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