38 Inch J-Pole Mount Accessory Kit - Outside Cellular Antennas

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Bolton 38 inch J-Pole Mount
Accessory kit for larger antennas
  • Simple install for big antennas
  • Weatherproof and sturdy
  • Complete kit
  • Built-in extra strength bracket
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38 Inch J-Pole Mount Accessory Kit - Outside Cellular Antennas

Sturdy 38 Inch J-Pole Mount Accessory Kit For Large Outdoor Antennas

About This Product

The Bolton 38-inch J-Pole mount attaches to walls or chimneys, providing sturdy support for your large outdoor antenna. Built to withstand any weather conditions, it can keep even heavy loads in place in strong wind, rain or snow. Easily install your outside antenna in the optimal position. The 38-inch pole is double reinforced, perfect for holding the Bolton Arrow, Arrow 5G, or Long Ranger Log Periodic Antenna. The preferred accessory when chimney or sled mounts aren't viable. The 38 inch J-Pole comes complete with everything you need as well as an extra strength bracket.

  • Comes with U-mount assembly and Wall Bracket
  • Extra strength bracket
  • Weatherproof coating
  • Can be mounted to building roof or wall for easy outdoor antenna setup
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