Bolton Technical 10 inch J-Pole Mount Accessory Kit

Bolton Technical

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Bolton Technical 10 inch J-Pole Mount Accessory Kit
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Easy installation on building roof or wall
  • Antenna Pole Mounting Assembly (wall-mount, U-bracket)
  • Easy mounting
  • Designed for mounting the Yagi antenna on the roof or wall of a building.
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Bolton Technical 10 inch J-Pole Mount Accessory Kit

About This Product

The Bolton Technical 10 inch pole mount accessory is to be used in conjunction with an outdoor antenna. The wall mounting bracket is to be mounted on a flat surface via screws. The pole can then be attached to the bracket with the pipe bracket and supplied hardware. When mounted correctly the pole will be upright, in the optimal position for an outdoor antenna to be mounted to the pole.

Made of high grade titanium alloy, with weatherproofing and testing guaranteed to stand up to the harshest weather, the Bolton Technical Pole Mount Accessory makes installing your outside antenna easy.

Those without a chimney or viable method to mount an outside antenna on their roof. Also helpful if the area outside your home with the best signal is far away from such an outcropping.

  • Comes with U-mount assembly and Wall Bracket
  • Makes home installation easy
  • Bestselling signal booster accessory
  • Can be mounted to building roof or wall for easy outdoor antenna setup
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Tech Specs

weBoost (Wilson) 901117 Pole Mounting Assembly for Outdoor Antennas
UPC 813986005927
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