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The Top 10 Bell Cell Phone Signal Boosters

The Top 10 Bell Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Bell Signal Booster Guide: Recommended Products

Bell Canada is one of the country's biggest carriers. With names such as Virgin Mobile, Lucky Mobile and The Source you can be sure that BCE signal is found even in the remotest areas. But what happens if that signal isn't strong enough for good quality phone calls or data transfer?

Distance from cell towers as well as other obstructions can have a bad effect on your phone’s bars. Metal, glass, concrete mountains and even trees can all affect cell signals, leaving you out of touch.

Whether you are on the road or in a building, a strong reliable Bell signal is essential. Getting a good quality signal boost for Bell signal will help you to make the most of your mobile device. The strength of the booster that you need will depend on how much outside signal you have. The fewer the bars, the stronger the booster you need. Remember, signal boosters don't CREATE outside signal, they just amplify it.

With many years of experience under our belts, we have created the perfect list to boost your Bell cell signal.

We offer complete cell phone signal booster kits for any situation:
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Best Rogers Signal Boosters for Your Home

Best Premium Signal Booster For Bell at Home

Cel-Fi PRO

Cel-Fi PRO Overview:

  • Boosts 4G LTE and 3G indoors (Single carrier only)
  • Up to 1208 sq meters of coverage
  • Up to +100 dB Gain

This is the strongest single carrier booster on the market. It can boost your Bell signal up to 100+dB gain as opposed to multicarrier boosters with only 60+ to 70+ dBm gain. Cel-Fi is the only manufacturer to do single carrier boosters.

A no-mess, no-fuss model with no cables or wires to hook up. Comes in two wireless units, one near the window to pull in the signal and another on the opposite side of the house to broadcast the boosted signal.

Best Mid-Range Signal Booster For Bell at Home

SmoothTalker Home Stealth Z6 Signal Booster

SmoothTalker Home Stealth Z6 Signal Booster Overview:

  • Best for locations with good outdoor but poor indoor signal
  • Max Gain – Z660: +60 dB - Z665: +65 dB - Z670: +70 dB
  • Max Coverage – Z660: 232 sq m - Z665: 464.5 sq m - Z670: 929 sq m
  • Variety of convenient outside antennas
  • 5G Ready

Improve network speeds and eliminate dropped calls. With the SmoothTalker Home Stealth Z6 series. All SmoothTalker Stealth Z6 kits include an inside antenna, outside antenna, all connection cables and the booster unit. The outside antenna pulls in a signal from the tower. The signal is then sent to the inside antenna, and from there to the booster unit. Amplified signal streams from the booster to all corners of your building. The inside antenna receives a signal from the phone or cellular device and sends it to the booster unit which then amplifies the signal and sends it back to the cellular tower via the outside antenna. The Z6 is 6 band and 5G ready.

The Stealth Z6 series is best suited for areas within 6 mi. (10 km) of the cell tower.

Best Budget Rogers Signal Booster For Home

HiBoost Home 4K Plus Signal Booster Kit

4K Plus Signal Booster Kit Overview:

  • 4G coverage up to 4,000 sq. ft.
  • Amplifier and indoor antenna all-in-one combo
  • Works for all phones & all CA carriers
  • Complete kit: all parts included
  • 5G ready

The Home 4K Plus signal booster from HiBoost is the next generation state of the art 3G, 4G, 4G LTE and 5G cell phone signal booster. The built-in indoor panel antenna ensures good coverage in spaces up to 371 square meters. HiBoost’s Signal Supervisor app allows you to remotely monitor and troubleshoot your device from anywhere. The Home4k plus is great choice for the budget conscious who want to boost signal over a smaller area of their home. This booster is 5G ready.

Best Rogers Signal Booster Kit For Home

weBoost Home MultiRoom Signal Booster Kit

weBoost Home MultiRoom Signal Booster Kit Overview:

  • Best unit for midsize homes and offices
  • Highly customizable for your exact situation
  • Multiple antenna options for any interior
  • No more dropped calls or slow texts
  • 5G ready

Boost your signal throughout your mid-sized home, office, or shop with the weBoost MultiRoom. It offers reliable coverage of up to 464,5 sq. meters, depending on real-world conditions. Connect multiple devices without experiencing lag or buffering when you're trying to load videos or data-reliant content. Perfect for boosting your Bell signal in both urban and rural areas. All weBoost signal boosters are 5G ready for lower frequency bands.

Best Rogers Signal Booster for Vehicles

Best Premium Signal Booster For Bell in your Vehicle

Cel-Fi GO+

Cel-Fi GO Overview:

  • Powerful single-carrier solution.
  • Complete kit, easy install.
  • Boost Bell signal up to 70+dBm
  • 5G ready

Get the most powerful signal carrier booster for your vehicle. With gains of over +70 decibels (compared to the +50 or so for the competition, you can be sure to stay connected anywhere you go. The GO is carrier specific, meaning only one carrier, such as Bell, for example, can be amplified at a time.

Choose your carrier when you get your booster. If you wish to change carriers, you can use the Cel-Fi Wave app to do so. The Cel-Fi GO+ G32 model is 5G ready.

Best Mid-Range Signal Booster For Bell in your Vehicle

SmoothTalker Mobile X6 Vehicle Cell Signal Booster

SmoothTalker Mobile X6 Vehicle Cell Signal Booster Overview:

  • Get up to +50dB of gain
  • Best signal boosting for a range of 30 mi (50 km) from the tower
  • Great for all vehicles including cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs, boats, and trailers
  • Variety of antenna options available
  • 5G ready

The Mobile X6 will keep you connected where other boosters fail. It boosts signal to all cell phones and cellular devices within the booster's range simultaneously.

The Mobile X6 is the most powerful 6 band booster in its category and features Smoothtalker 'Stealth Tech' technology to keep you connected everywhere. If you have outside Bell signal wherever you are, the SmoothTalker Mobile 6 will boost it to keep you connected. Both the Mobile X6 and Z6 are 5G ready.

Best Budget Signal Booster For Bell in your Vehicle

weBoost Drive Sleek

weBoost Drive Sleek Overview:

  • 4G Coverage for Single User
  • Works for all phones & all CA carriers.
  • Complete kit: all parts included.
  • Up to 23 dB (decibels) of gain.

This weBoost Drive Sleek is the best Bell signal booster for the budget-conscious. It comes with a cradle mount for a wider range of smartphone and tablet sizes. Get true hands free experience with reliable Bell signal for your vehicle.

The weBoost sleek works in rural and urban settings, although you can expect more bars in urban areas. With gains of more than +23 decibels gain, the device works in cars, trucks, and RVs. All weBoost signal boosters are 5G ready for lower frequency bands.

Best Bell Signal Booster for Commercial Buildings

Best Premium Signal Booster For Bell at your Business

Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000

Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 Overview:

  • Compatible with Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Wind, etc.
  • Customizable system solutions: choose your carriers & coverage.
  • No monthly fees, no wifi needed
  • 5G ready

The Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 is the best single carrier signal booster in the world. It will vastly improve your signal throughout your business premises up to 1858 square meters. Get up to 1000x more power with the Quatra’s single carrier boosting power. +100 dBm is +30dBm more than its nearest competitors. This is a premium product designed for large businesses and enterprise spaces. The Quatra 4000 is 5G ready.

Best Mid-Range Signal Booster For Bell at your Business

weBoost for Business Office 200 Signal Booster Kit

weBoost for Business Office 200 Signal Booster Kit Overview:

  • Boost your productivity with better indoor signal
  • Cover between 12,000 and 35,000 sq ft
  • Control frequency bands manually and customize as you wish
  • FCC-approved and 5G capable.
  • Comes in 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm

Get superior Bell signal in your building with the weBoost office 200. Designed for small to medium businesses, the Office 200 is sure to boost your productivity and connectivity. Ban frustrated customers and dropped calls with strong, reliable signal.

Whether you are out in the country or the city this sleek and powerful signal booster is sure to give you more Bell bars. Cover between 1114 to 3251 square meters* in-building. All weBoost signal boosters are 5G ready for lower frequency bands.

* Effective coverage area depends on quality and strength of outside cellular signal, internal building materials, and antenna configuration.

Best Budget Signal Booster For AT&T at your Work

weBoost for Business Office 200 Signal Booster Kit

weBoost for Business Office 200 Signal Booster Kit Overview:

  • Direct connect machine-to-machine signal booster
  • For fixed applications and mobile
  • Ideal for monitoring equipment in weak signal areas or deep within buildings
  • Numerous donor antenna options for your exact situation

The SmoothTalker Stealth M2M X6 is the best 4G M2M and Internet of Things signal booster. Perfect for budget-conscious businesses, the X6 offers up to +15 dB gain of power. Improve 4G LTE and 3G cell signal for any machine-to-machine device. There are no monthly fees nor does it need to be connected to any internet source (WiFi or landline) to work. Just pure boosted Bell cell signal to keep all your machines and devices connected at all times even in previous no coverage areas.

What About Bell 3G and 5G?

For now, Bell 5G devices are still quite expensive. They do offer coverage in all the major urban areas around Canada, but rural coverage is not there yet. Alberta has the best coverage of all the provinces. If you live outside the city, then it's best to stay with a 4G device for now. Bell has promised to make 5G devices more available as they expand their network shortly. In 2020 Bell partnered with Telus to bring cell signal to even remote areas of Canada. Together they deployed twice the amount of 5G towers as Rogers. Low frequency 5G is in the pipeline, which will bring signal to hard to reach places like inside buildings and the Northern Territories.

As with every other Canadian carrier, Bell will be dropping its 3G network in December of 2025. M2M and IoT devices will have to move on to the 4G network. It is quite a few years away still but thinking about how you are going to move all your devices onto either 4G or 5G is a good idea. 4G promises to be around for a good long time, however. It's faster than 3G and can transfer more data. In the long run, 4G is a better network for both mobile devices and IoT devices than 3G.

If you aren't sure about your Bell signal coverage, have a look at their coverage map.

Why is My Bell Signal Worse Indoors?

Cell signal is affected by a variety of building materials. If you are deep inside a concrete building, the chances are that you have a worse signal than when you are outside. This is because concrete, metal glass, wood and even drywall can weaken signal. We have all heard the stories of the person whose WiFi wouldn't work because they put a metal tray on the router. Cell signal is the same.

The distance to the nearest tower as well as things like trees, mountains, and tall structures can all affect your signal. Here are the top offenders:

  • Metal: Metal is the worst cell signal disrupter. Aluminium, brass, copper, steel, iron, tin, etc all affect signal. Any type of metal can weaken cell signal.
  • Low-E- Glass: Low E Glass is often found in green rated buildings, but it can hurt cell signal.
  • Brick/Concrete: Brick and concrete are strong materials that are also good at blocking cell signal as it passes through.
  • Plaster /Drywall: Although it isn't as robust as brick or concrete, plaster can still weaken cell service as it passes through.
  • Wood: Depending on the thickness of the wood, it can absorb cell signal.
  • Thick Walls: Thick walls hamper cell signal from reaching the inside of buildings. The bigger your building and the more walls it has, the weaker your signal will be in the middle.
  • Electromagnetic Interference: machines or any other device such as a fridge can interfere with cell signal, making it weaker.

How Do I Find My Nearest Bell Cell Tower and Know My Signal Strength?

Knowing your cell phone signal strength is vital. Bars are a good indication but are not always truthful. Different carriers show bars in different ways, so they may not be a real reflection of how much signal you have. The best way to know your signal strength is to look at the decibels, or dBm. -50 dBm is a great signal (full bars) and -120 dBm is a poor signal.

Try this to check your phone’s dBm:

Field Test Mode (Using Your Cell Phone)

For iPhone Users:

  1. If you have an iPhone and use an Intel chipset, you can find your dBm here:
  2. On phone mode, call: *3001#12345#*.
  3. If you see the following options: Device Info, LTE, UTMS, and GSM, congrats, you can find your dBm.
  4. Now:
    • Tap on LTE.
    • Tap on Serving Cell Mea.
    • The number next to RSRP0 is your dBm reading.
    • If you can't find your dBm using this method, try our recommended smartphone apps below.

For Android Users

To find your dBm on most android phones:

  1. Access your Settings.
  2. Tap on About phone.
  3. Tap on Status.
  4. Tap on SIM status.
  5. Your dBm reading is under Signal strength.

Smartphone Apps

A good app can help you to tell your signal strength at a glance. These apps can be found on either the Play Store or iStore, and many of them are free. Find your nearest cell tower or your true current signal strength.

Below are our recommended apps for testing your cell phone signal speeds:

We offer complete cell phone signal booster kits for any situation.

Need to Boost Signal for Another Carrier? Have a look at our Rogers booster guide or our Telus boosters guide.

Contact Us is your go-to for the best range of cellular signal boosters, WiFi routers, range extenders and more. We specialize in custom made, consumer-friendly kits, RF systems for cellular, public safety two-way radio, DAS, and WiFi. If you have any questions or want to find out more about routers or signal boosters, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-638-6336 or 1151 Martin Grove Road, Etobicoke, ON M9W 4W7.

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